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Detailed Trainings

We've culminated 5 years worth of blockchain and crypto learning and consolidated it into a 4 month On-Demand Program.

Passionate Community

We didn't do this alone. We would be nothing without the passionate and engaged community that we are proud to call our BIG Family.

1-1 Coaching/Support

We understand everyone has different levels of experience, that's why we provide access to exclusive 1-1 support in our program.


Fundamentals of Blockchain & Crypto

Starting off your crypto journey in any other way is like trying to build a house on sand as opposed to of the reason for this is because a solid understanding of the fundamentals allows you to view crypto in a whole new lens.

Our goal is to give you a long term perspective on crypto so you can sleep easy at night and learn to embrace the short term volatility that leads to sudden market drops. 40% drops in the market should be exciting.


Passive Crypto Wealth Building Strategies

After learning the Fundamentals of Blockchain and Crypto you'll understand how it's possible to earn crazy amounts of Passive Income by leveraging Liquidity Pool Mining, Staking, Airdrop Techniques, and various other passive income vehicles within crypto.

Our goal is to open your eyes to the passive income options available to you so you can make money in your sleep


Active Crypto Wealth Building Strategies

You ever seen those red and green candlestick charts? Those charts allow us to visualize charts in the same way that words in a book allow us to visualize the english language. By leveraging these charts we are able to make future price predictions based on pattern recognition.

Our goal is for you to get comfortable with analyzing these charts to make your own future price predictions



Ryan is an entrepreneur that first got started with Crypto back in 2017 before the first Alt-Coin Bullrun in History occurred.

When Ryan first discovered crypto he immediately told his friends, Joni and Jon, about it and exclaimed to them how badly he wanted to start a crypto consulting & community business.

Fast forward to today and that dream is now a reality, and those same friends are now business partners that help create the full experience of BIG Crypto. Ryan has also had the pleasure to share the stage with big names like Daymond John, Elena Cardone, Jordan Belfort, Akon, Patrick Hillman (CCO of Binance), Charlie Rocket, and many others....


Joni is a seasoned crypto investor and educator with a background in medicine and clinical research.

Transitioning his skills, he discovered a profound passion for the blockchain industry. Leveraging his expertise, Joni delves into various facets of the market, from low market cap coins to DeFi and airdrop opportunities, consistently identifying top-notch investment prospects.

Deeply ingrained in the Cosmos ecosystem, Joni serves as a lead contributor for Cosmos Hub, driving initiatives in grants and business development, further solidifying his influence in the blockchain community.

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